Music by Calm was born Jason Devion Hunter on December 10, 1987 in St. Louis, MO. Music has always been a major part of Calm’s life serving as an outlet to escape his everyday problems and internal demons. Music by Calm has expressed “without being able to utilize music as an outlet I would have been committed suicide from depression and stress.” Music by Calm draws the majority of his music from his own life experiences such as: growing up without parents, living in children’s homes, experiencing new demographics of people in college, going to prison, etc. Being an introvert at heart Music by Calm decided while he was in prison that he would break out of his shell and share his music with the world once released. 

After creating songs and then selling them to music artist for 2 years Music by Calm has quickly learned that was not the best way to utilize his music writing abilities expressing that “the worst feeling in the world is when I sold my songs to an artist knowing that they could not relate to the content and experiences that I was writing about. I feel like I would lose a piece of myself every time I sell one of my songs.” 

In April of 2017, Music by Calm made the decision to release his music as a solo artist starting with his debut single “Pieces of Me” exclusively on Facebook. The single experienced great feedback resulting in hundreds of likes and comments with one fan stating in the comments “hearing this song gave me hope to make it out of my own situation.” 

Currently, Music by Calm has taken he next step in his career by throwing his first concert on July 29th, 2018 at The W. Lounge in his city St. Louis, MO. Calm is putting up his own money and organizing the show beginning to end. The concert will include a comedian, amazing/classy environment, and live music to include a guitar and violinist. Music by Calm is currently pushing his latest single “Doing What You Want.” Music by Calm is everything you need in an artist in its purist form so keep your eyes open!